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1. Donate – BOBLA is looking for partners who want to a part of the BOBLA movement, to reach the masses. Click on the GO FUND ME link below and support the cause to defeat obesity.  With your contribution  we can continue to change their lives. We will document their journeys to create high quality, full seasoned episodes for television and online audiences. With your help we tell the story with honesty, rawness, purity and dignity. This is about real life, not reality tv.

2. Production – BOBLA is looking for a television network home that wants a quality show with redemptive value. It is time for something good. We have the talent, trainers and resources, now we are looking for a network to call home.

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New Faces – As we look to develop the next full season we are searching for new participants who are serious about changing their health for the better. Celebrities are welcome. Send an email with a photo or video and tell us about yourself and why you deserve an overall health makeover. You could be next, but you have to bring it!

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