Dawn “The Fitness Queen” Strozier (The Diva)

Dawn is a high energy, hyperactive fitness professional, who survived homelessness to become one of the “baddest” females in the game. She has trained numerous celebrities like former client Steve Harvey. She is most popular for her aerobic instruction and group fitness classes. Simply put it is Zumba on steroids. She will do what it takes to stay on the top of the food chain of trainers, while keeping her hair whipped at all cost. Dawn is a motivational speaker and author who has no time to sleep. She works so hard she rarely has the time to enjoy the single life. Dawn could easily be a rival of CJ, but they found a common bond on numerous community projects. She also works with youth under her own non-profit organization. Dawn is truly the DIVA of the trainers. Dawn has struggled and overcame her own health issues to become a role model for people who are looking to change their lives

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