CJ CEO of CJ’s Functional Fitness

CJ is the creator of the show. He is a charismatic figure with a drive to be the next big fitness tycoon. He gave up his dream of MMA Fighting choosing to be a family man. His wife curbed his fighting energy toward fitness training. He has an incredible ability to read personalities and find out how each individual thinks to get them to their goals.

His fitness routines are unpredictable and he prides himself on it. He finds an innocent pleasure from a clients suffering during his workouts, because he knows the benefits at the end of the journey. He is quick to let go of clients who are not giving their best.

Some say he is intimidating because of his physical prowess and intense passion for his craft, but once you survive his madness you love him for life. He is definitely eye candy but commands respect from people around him in his field. Nicknamed “The Truth Trainer” he pulls no punches when addressing his clients and refuses to change his method to cater to them.

His fitness business is a family affair. His wife of 19-years, Eva, and his daughters, 14 and 12, also help run his business. CJ has made a local name for himself in Los Angeles in radio and TV.

Eva Joseph

Eva is CJ’s wife and support system along with his children. The family plays key interactions with participants and trainers alike. Eva is a Health Educator at a Los Angeles High School, with a Masters from California State University. CJ’s clients look to her for comfort and reassurance on their way to weight loss. She also stretches clients after every CJ workout to cool them down. She is the polar opposite of CJ, which provides a balance in CJ’s daily life.

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