G.I. Joe

Joe “GI Joe” Charles

Former UFC Veteran and Black Belt Hall of Famer Joe Charles is the King of Manhattan Beach with his GI Joe Manhattan Beach Boot Camp. Looks can be deceiving with Joe because of his 280-pound build and stature, but he can roll with the best of trainers. He is known for the “1 Push-Up Challenge” and yearly beach fitness challenges. He’s a big man, with a big voice and a big heart. His personality can take over a room and he has never met a camera or a microphone he did not like. Joe Charles is a single parent and a single grandparent raising his children and grandchildren while hustling on the beach to run his business. Joe, also known as “Ghetto Man”, had and incredibly hard life growing up but pulled himself out of poverty to travel the world through cage fighting and now has a successful beach boot camp. CJ considers Joe as one of his lifetime mentors. Celebrities and weekend warriors alike have come to experience GI Joe’s Boot camp. Joe recently had a severe stroke but he won’t let that stop him from teaching. CJ and Joe want to show his rehab process back to health for America to see. Joe wants to show that giving up is never an answer.